52 Productions

Co-Founder, Head of Product
Project Overview
I've teamed up with the world's greatest card mechanic and the father of voice AI to create an AI platform, a game studio, and a publisher to bring social conversational gaming to all.

We're leveraging recent breakthroughs in AI to bring rich multi-modal experiences to the gaming world in ways that have never been done before.  
Patents are pending; I've said too much already.
My Contributions
As head of product, it is my mission to deeply understand the problem we are solving,  focus our engineering and creative efforts on the highest order bits, and measure progress against our strategic vision.

Tactical Examples
I turn the founding team's vision into measurable goals, track progress against those goals, and make sure the vision and execution are always aligned. OKRs are my favorite way to eliminate distractions and tie everything we do back to our north star.

I identify members of our target market, conduct interviews to test our hypothesis, incorporate those learnings into a product roadmap, and build product requirements documents.

Occasionally I put my 20 years of Platform engineering & DevSecOps experience to work on the infrastructure side of the house.