Senior Devops Engineer: Creative Cloud, Fotolia
I joined Adobe to experience massive scale, both in terms of technology and people. While at this 10,000 person company, I worked on two teams: An IT team responsible for migrating from data centers to the cloud and the Adobe Stock team responsible for integrating the technology and personnel from the Fotolia acquisition into the Adobe cloud.
My Contributions
As an ambitious engineer at a big company, it was my role to build and prototype new technology to get off bare metal and into the cloud. Containers were an emerging technology, and the problem of orchestration was still waiting for a definitive solution.

I did pilot projects using various technologies, including Spinnaker, Swarm, and Kubernetes. I contributed to building's first golden image factory, transitive routing (before transit gateways existed in AWS), and AWS account architecture. I later worked on migrating Fotolia from Paris data centers into the Adobe cloud after the $800MM acquisition.