Harvard MEdical School

Platform Engineering, Product Consultant
Early in my career I was a medic forced to use awful electronic medical records systems. Since then, I've made it a personal quest to make a ding in the almost intractable healthcare interoperability problem.

I work with an exceptional team of scientists and physicians to build and scale a platform that provides critical functions in healthcare data processing. Today, this platform enables research, such as this Covid paper. However, the vision is to instrument the entire US healthcare system as a data source for public health surveillance and action.

You can read more about the project here.

My Contributions
I bring security, DevOps, and product management expertise to this project. Components of this platform run in hospital data centers, in the cloud, and on the edge.

As we prepare to roll this platform out to the largest hospitals in the United States, I contribute code, write product specifications (especially as they relate to security), and make sure that architectural decisions allow the platform to be deployable by our partners in a secure, cost-optimized, and palatable way.

In short, I'm the voice of the customer when it comes to deployment strategies.