Head of DevSecOps
Medal was an attempt at solving healthcare interoperability using a novel approach. Instead of relying on APIs and glue code, the power of print drivers, Natural Language Processing, and point of care software proved to be a technological cure for an industry that still primarily used analog fax machines.

Medal's tech had three components: 

Medal Print- a custom print driver that converted medical records into a custom format and securely transferred it to the Medal Cloud

Medal Cloud- this is the main interface that clinicians and other stakeholders used to view and search medical records. Our platform enabled research at massive scale by de-identifying and categorizing data from medical records. We also built an HL7/FHIR interface for sharing at scale.

Medal App- Data should tell a story. The Medal App aggregated indexed data to provide a clear narrative of patient care over time.

My Contributions
My role was to build and lead the DevSecOps team, or what would today be called, Platform Engineering.

I did the systems engineering and architected a secure multi-tenant cloud system that contained millions of sensitive medical records.

I designed SDLC for the platform team, including deployment techniques, frequency, rollback, etc.

I ensured there were dual controls to decrypt sensitive health data.

I interviewed, hired, and led the multidisciplinary platform team.


Medal's technology was a success, and Medal sold to CIOx.